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Kinathukadavu Verkadalai Thatta


Made in Kinathukadavu, a town in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Product Description


Authentic peanut snack from Kinathukadavu, Tamil Nadu, India.


Made with roasted peanuts, spices, and a touch of tanginess.


Product Details:
  • Experience the authentic taste of Kinathukadavu with Kinathukadavu Verkadalai Thatta, a beloved snack from Tamil Nadu's heartland.
  • Roasted to perfection, this delightful treat features premium peanuts seasoned with traditional spices, delivering a burst of savory flavors in every bite. Skillfully crafted by experienced artisans, Kinathukadavu Verkadalai Thatta ensures a satisfying crunch and an irresistible taste that captures the essence of the region.
  • Indulge in this savory delicacy, carefully packaged to preserve its crispness and flavors. Perfect for snacking on-the-go or enjoying during leisure moments, Kinathukadavu Verkadalai Thatta promises an authentic taste journey that will leave you craving for more. Embrace the taste of Kinathukadavu and elevate your snacking experience with this savory delight from Tamil Nadu.
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