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Palani panchamirtam


Made from Palani, a sacred town in Tamil Nadu, India,

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Product Description


Traditional sacred offering from Palani, Tamil Nadu, India.


Made with a blend of ripe bananas, jaggery, ghee, honey, and dry fruits.


Product Details:
  • Palani Panchamirtam is a revered and sacred offering from the holy town of Palani, symbolizing the essence of devotion and purity.
  • Created with five sacred fruits - banana, jaggery, ghee, honey, and cardamom - this divine mixture holds profound religious significance in temple rituals and festivities. Each ingredient carries a deeper spiritual meaning, adding to the sanctity of Palani Panchamirtam.
  • Crafted with great reverence and tradition, Palani Panchamirtam reflects the devotion of those who prepare it, making it a cherished and sacred offering to deities.
  • Presented in airtight containers, this divine mixture is carefully sealed, preserving its sacred essence and ensuring it remains pure until it is consumed or offered to the divine. Embrace the sanctity of Palani with every spoonful of Panchamirtam, a divine nectar that embodies devotion and spiritual harmony.
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