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Thoothukudi Nei Kuchi Mittai


Made from Thoothukudi, a coastal town in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Product Description


Authentic sweet from Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India.


Made with rice flour, ghee (clarified butter), and jaggery.


Product Details:
  • Discover the coastal charm of Thoothukudi with Thoothukudi Nei Kuchi Mittai, a treasured sweet that embodies the essence of Tamil Nadu's culinary heritage.
  • Made with premium wheat flour, pure clarified butter (ghee), and a delightful blend of jaggery and sugar, this sweet treat offers a divine taste and a melt-in-your-mouth experience.
  • Thoothukudi Nei Kuchi Mittai showcases the expertise of skilled artisans who carefully handcraft each mittai, ensuring the perfect shape and authentic flavors.
  • Each sweet is thoughtfully packed to preserve its freshness, allowing you to savor the coastal delight of Thoothukudi with every delightful bite.
  • Whether you're savoring a moment of indulgence or gifting it to loved ones, Thoothukudi Nei Kuchi Mittai promises an unforgettable taste journey that captures the culinary finesse and coastal allure of Tamil Nadu.
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